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The signing ceremony of cooperation between TEKA and HeNan University was held in Henan TEKA

Release date:2021-05-26

On May 24, 2021, TEKA technology and Henan University held a signing ceremony for school enterprise cooperation in Henan TEKA Technology Industrial Park. TEKA Technology: Zheng Jun, general manager, long Fangping, deputy general manager, Zhang Bin, general manager's office, Ruan Yongchuang, manager of administration department, Meng Xianfeng, factory affairs department, Shi Jingrui, HR specialist. Henan University: president Zhao Xinshun, Secretary Yang Caiyun, president Zhao Wei, President Wang Xiaowei, director Zhu Jichun and director Guo Yuankai attended the ceremony

       General manager Zheng Jun extended a warm welcome to Henan University and his party, and introduced the basic situation of TEKA technology. It also introduces the development history and current situation of the company. He said that the company is in the stage of rapid development in recent years, and the development goal of the enterprise must focus on the international market. With the rapid development of the company, we need to invest more time and energy in the introduction of high-end talents, internal team training and staff training. We hope to deepen cooperation with Miami College of Henan University, strengthen the construction of talent team, improve the comprehensive quality of the company's employees, and achieve mutual benefit and win-win cooperation.


President Zhao Xinshun expressed his gratitude to TEKA Technology Co., Ltd. for its warm hospitality and praised TEKA Technology Co., Ltd. for its simple corporate culture and advanced management philosophy. Later, he introduced the centennial history of Henan University and its current development to the participants. He said that Henan University has entered a period of rapid development since it was successfully selected as a "double first-class" University in 2017. Miami college is the first university in our province to cooperate with the world-famous universities in the undergraduate level, non independent legal person of high-level Chinese foreign cooperative education institutions, is an international cooperative education brand College of Henan University. In 2020, the college will complete a school running cycle and successfully pass the examination and evaluation of the Ministry of education. Today, TEKA Technology Co., Ltd. successfully signed a contract with Miami college, which is a high recognition of Henan University, a century old famous university, and also a high recognition of the international talent training mode of Miami college. In the future, the two sides will carry out in-depth cooperative research in personnel training, training, professional practice and project research and development, so as to add new impetus to the connotation construction of the college.

Subsequently, the two sides held a signing ceremony for school enterprise cooperation and practice tutor and company consultant. On behalf of the college, Zhao Xinshun presented the appointment letter of "practice tutor of Miami College of Henan University" to Zheng Jun, general manager of TEKA Technology Co., Ltd., and long Fangping, deputy general manager. On behalf of the company, Zheng Jun presented the appointment letter of "Human Resource Training Consultant of Shenzhen / Henan TEKATechnology Co., Ltd." to Zhao Wei, vice president of the college, and Zhu Jichun, professional teacher. At the end of the ceremony, participants from both sides held the listing ceremony of "Henan University practice and training base".


Zheng Jun, general manager of the company, thanks for the trust of school leaders and hopes to work hand in hand with the school to cultivate a group of high-quality and high skilled intelligent manufacturing talents. The two sides said that school enterprise cooperation will do a good job in the cultivation of intelligent manufacturing talents, and firmly believe that with the joint efforts of both sides in the future, mutual cooperation will be closer and the road of school enterprise cooperation will be wider and wider, so as to achieve mutual benefit and win-win situation, and cultivate more high-quality and high-level talents with high specifications and meeting the needs of society and enterprises.